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Code Train

We provide quality trainings in different Programming languages and Software Development methodologies and principles to help you get a job or a better job and if you want to launch your startup, we provide extra entrepreneurship trainings.

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Code Challenge

Developers are those who love to solve societies problem through Coding and Computer science! We provide the necessary facility and resources for developers to work on solving societies problems and use their skills for the good of others.

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Code Mentor

Do you need help in your software project? You are a student and you are stuck with your final year project and don’t know where to start, what to do? you need someone to guide become a better developer? Code Mentor is for you!

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Code Events

Are you searching for a place where you want to visit all developers and learn, share and network with them? Do you want to find your future team members, Co-founders or employees? Don’t miss our Code Events, happening every month!

About Us

A professional team of Software developers and Code lovers!
We Code and we Learn, Share and Innovate!

CodeWeekend is an educational and non-profit organization. CodeWeekend is the first and largest developer community in Afghanistan with over 3000+ members consist of developers, computer science students and new learners. The main objective of the organization is to innovate, share and learn. CodeWeekend is an open community where every enthusiastic individual can participate and share their technology and programming related thoughts and ideas.

CodeWeekend helps its members in a wide variety of aspects, such as learning, teaching, finding jobs, finding employees, etc through building an excellent community of developers, entrepreneurs and other individuals.


A team of dedicated professionals, who are working for change through software development and coding!

Asad Salehi

CodeCast Manager
Asad Salehi is CodeCast Manager at CodeWeekend

Jawed Mansoor

Events Manager
Jawed Mansoor is the Events Manager at CodeWeekend

Akmal Arzhang

CodeWebinar Manager
Akmal Arzhang is CodeWebinar Manager at CodeWeekend

Mohammad Ali Abbasi

CodeChallenge Manager
Ali Abbasi is CodeChallenge Manager at CodeWeekend

Farin Sadiq

CodeMedia & CodeDesign Manager
Farin Sadiq is CodeMedia & CodeDesign Manager at CodeWeekend

Sediq Khan

Sediq Khan is a Senior Developer and Mentor at CodeWeekend

Nabiullah Elham

Marketing Manager
Nabiullah Elham is Marketin Manager at CodeWeekend

Fazila Nazary

CodeWeekend Director, Mazar-i Sharif
Fazila Nazary is CodeWeekend Director at Mazar-i Sharif

Majid Karimi

CodeWeekend Director, Herat
Majid Karimi is CodeWeekend Director in Herat

Jalal Saidi

Jalal Saidi is responsible for Mobile Development trainings and mentorship at CodeWeekend

Shaheen Naikpay

Event Management Coordinator
Shaheen is Event Management Coordinator at CodeWeekend